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Digital Printing on Cotton

  Direct To Garment technology, with its full name, refers to the application of water-based pigment dyes directly to the fabric through industrial printers.  

The quality of the image printed on the textile in DTG Printing is very high and sharp. 

With this technology, a single t-shirt or hundreds of prints can be made without the cost of molds and films. 


  • Our printing capacity is up to 5000 pieces per day, depending on pattern sizes.

  • Perfectly clear prints with 1440 DPI printing resolution.

  • Healthy products thanks to breathable prints.


Is DTG printing of high quality?

   Yes DTG Print quality is one of a kind. This is due to the inkjet technology used, which helps the fabric absorb the ink properly and the press heating helps the ink stick to the fabric. This improves the quality of the final finished product.


How long do DTG prints last?

  DTG Prints are extremely durable when washed under appropriate conditions. Direct-to-garment prints last for many years because the design is bonded to the cotton threads woven into the garment. 

DuPont Artistri Boya SGS documents.

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